It seems that all of us long for a fine dining place whenever we go out and look for a restaurant. For most people, it is the aperitive cuisine that is a crucial factor that decides which restaurant is the best option in town to go to. For others, in addition to good food, an important factor is the atmosphere that the restaurant has. Either way, a good restaurant would contain both elements and would never fail to disappoint guests at any occasion. It has to be subtlety, high-quality and provide good service performance to please guests from all around the world.

Gladly, in Lansing, MI you can definitely find such restaurants. We selected only the top ten best dining places in this town, promising nothing less than the best crisp tablecloths, fancy, pleasant music in the background and a variety of freshly cooked meals that everyone would love to try out. In addition, the details are very important. It goes from music to light, to how the walls look like, to decorations and so on. Reviews not just from the regular customers, but also from those who visited these restaurants for the first time, claim that they should definitely be visited once you visit the capital of Michigan, Lansing.

This restaurant is so good that it is even situated in 4 different locations up till now. Its quality lasts for more than a decade and has been awarded for multiple times due to the super fast and fresh Chinese food it serves. This restaurant`s menu has a variety of Chinese based meals. All types of dishes here are mouthwatering and the most wanted are the Szechuan Beef, the Garlic Chicken and Beef with Broccoli. Every day, this restaurant has something special to offer. The ingredients are always fresh and who would not love that. Bring your empty stomach at this place and you`ll see what we are talking about.

This restaurant provides a full dining experience and builds relationships that last forever. Noone can deny the good quality that this restaurant offers as well as the many versatile and authentic dishes. You must try their Chicken Shawarma dish as the most distinguished one. For all of those vegan lovers out there, this place will be your food sanctuary because here you can find extensive, gluten-free vegan menu made of fresh, raw ingredients. Visit Zaytoon restaurant and meet the best healthy alternative to fast-food meals in Lansing.

Choupli Wood Fired Kabob
For years, this restaurant works under the motto `Your trust is our top concern`. Even though this is just a statement, this dining place really operates under the above said. It has earned the trust of many people around the world who fell in love with their tender beef, juicy chicken, and spicy lamb. Indeed, this restaurant provides guests with numerous, full flavor dishes that cannot be forgotten. In addition, the personnel is kind and gives samples of anything you want to try out. You can not pass up their tahini sauce served with pickled radish, cucumbers, lettuce and pomegranate seeds.

If you are looking for the best comfort food in the area of Lansing, this is a must-visit restaurant. Every day, this restaurant escalates the Lansing food culture and balances between good prices and your budget. In fact, this restaurant serves the most delicious pork sandwich in town. Also, there are lots of tasty salads and vegan-friendly sandwiches. You will not regret a visit here.

If this restaurant can get more than five stars than that should be the case. Bringing the Southern-style cuisine in Lansing, the Jumbeaux restaurant offers an authentic way of southern cooking and has all classic cajun creole dishes. Whenever you decide to dine here, you`ll get the best hospitality experience of your life. The food they serve comes from recipes that are passed down from one generation to another and the dishes are always unique. Truly, this restaurant takes great pride in cooking and that you`ll have to see by yourself.

Saddleback BBQ
Settled in the heart of REO Town, Lansing, MI, this restaurant specializes in a most unique barbeque taste not just in Lansing, but also in America. This restaurant`s staff is an expert in smoked meats, giving guests flavorful, savory and fall-off-the-bone goodness. The food here is above what you would expect and lives up to the hype at all times. It is definitely well worth the visit.

The Cosmos Wood-Fired Pizza
If you ask yourselves why the Italians would be jealous of this restaurant, the answer is simple. Because it has a mind-blowing pizza, scorched in a wood-fired oven. But, that is just the beginning because this place also serves the best wine in town, along with the best hand-crafted desserts, arcade tables, salads, cocktails and more. Words mean nothing if you do not come and try out some of the meals this fine dining offers.

Naing Myanmar
This family-friendly restaurant has the best Thai, Burmese and Malaysian based cuisine in Lansing. We recommend every single meal and drink from this restaurant`s menu because it really offers something different yet flavorful. Some of the must-tries include the Pickled Tea Leaf Salad, the Thai Larb Salad, the Garlic Chicken with Rice and the Thim Yum soup. Once you visit this restaurant, it is a guarantee that you`ll fall in love with this type of food.

Poke Lab
If you want to explore new, yet good restaurants in the area of Lansing, you have to check out the Poke Lab restaurant. This place offers lots of unique dishes among which the sushi meal stands as the most authentic one. Actually, there is a concept of build-your-own sushi bowl that allows guests to pick the sushi flavor according to their taste. Here, you will always satisfy your fish cravings and even more. For those with a sweet tooth, the desserts are to die for. Unlike anywhere else in town, here you can build-your-own dessert bowl and find the most tasteful bingsoo, mochi, and milk foam tea. It is a must try dining location in Lansing.

Good Truckin` Diner
This restaurant is certainly a hidden gem in REO Town when it comes to some good food intake. With a kitchen-like decor and the most friendly service in Lansing, this place offers guests with affordable yet best quality food. The most recommended meals here are the burrito, french toast, and flapjacks. Check it out and your please your appetite the best way possible.