Are you excited to start a new business in Lansing, MI?! Perhaps you got an idea about how to start it off, or maybe you are just enthusiastic with you being an entrerpreneur. Either way, you must know that entrepreneurship takes lots of time, hard work, and devotion to pass all the obstacles on the rocky way to success. Gladly, the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce has acted as a community partner who helps employers and local businesses grow for more than 110 years. They have provided many Lansing`s businesses with proper business education and networking opportunities that support economic growth and integrity and that is not only within the area of Lansing and Michigan, but also on a global level.

Below, we have listed the current top 20 businesses in Lansing, MI. Hopefully, they will inspire you to start something on your own on the long run. Check their websites for more info and find out about what they claim to give you as a potential customer.

Sparrow Health System
This health-related company is specially designed to improve the health of people by offering them nothing but best quality health ervices and compassinate care to everyone.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Located in East Lansing, Five Guys Burgers and Fries is known to be one of Lansing`s best businesses which offers nothing but the best hamburger concepts. It is not just because of its food but also because of the unique work environment where every member including management is trained to work every position in the restaurant.

Neogen Corporation
The Neogen Corporation is s Lansing-based business leader in Food Safety products and solutions. It was repeatedly named to Forbes Magazine`s list of the 200 best small companies in America. Very ambitious right?!

517 Executives
Also located in Lansing, 517 Executives is a marketing business which always responses to client`s demands for more direct marketing strategy. It has developed a unique training program that is specially designed to create leaders in the marketing and promotions industries.

West Rock
West Rock is also one of the best Lansing`s businesses. It exists to provide you with all the differentiated paper and packing solution, helping customers to win the marketplace. The company has more than 45.000 team members that support customers worldwide from more than 300 business locations.

Scepter Marketing
Scepter Marketing is one of Lansing`s best online businesses today. It is a recent success story which offers professional WordPress services for small businessses and agencies. They also offer a variety of other services such as digital marketing and web design/development.

Biggby Coffee
This Lansing business is actually a franchised coffee company created by founders Bob and Mike who decided to provide you with the best coffee shops along with the best quality of coffee drinks.

Advantage solutions
It was built in 1987, with a perspective of creating a national sales and marketing agency which is focused on customized solutions and services that are related to sales and marketing strategies.

The Kaplan company offers different preparation courses in over 30 countries and it is mostly indulged into providing online education for undergraduates and graduates. It also provides you with professional degrees.

Two Men and a Truck
This company started from a simple hand-written logo, an advertisement in a local paper and eventually turned into more than a just a local Lansing business. Now, it is one of the best Lansing`s businesses with more than 30 years of experience and offers home and business relocation and packing services.

Healthcare Solutions Team
The Healthcare Solutions Team will solve all healthcare related issues because they are the best medical insurance advocates you can get in the area. Passionate and optimistic, this company will set you with affordable health care that is accessible for everyone.

Insomnia Cookies
Insomnina Cookies was founded in 2003, in a college dorm by a student named Seth Berkowitx. Located in East Lancing, the business is fast-growing and provides you with one of the best warm deliveries of delicious cookies.

Packham Inc.
It is a nonprofit rehabilitation organization which provides human services. It is known to value good quality, diversity and performance. The mission of this business is to give a range of chances that would maximize human potential for people who are striving for independence.

DTN Management
DTN Management is a one of the best property management businesses in Lansing. It provides Michigan State University students with affordable apartment prices in and out Lansing and actually, it is the perfect place to find student housing.

Gillespie Group
Gillespie Group is a another one of Lansing`s top businesses today. It is an innovative company that specializes in creative urban development and restoring communities by motivating people to invest in their communities. They believe that every strong commitment can bring for a better Michigan.

Jackson National Life
This Lansing-based business gives you a company that is truly committed to your financial future. They offer a great specter of products that have been designed to help customers accomplish their dreams and goals.

Dean Transportation
The Dean Transportation is one of the best transportation businesses in Lansing, MI and prides on a good transportation and a happy customer. They offer different types of transport services such as school buses, trailways, black cars, transit and management services.

Demmer Corporation
Demmer Corporation is yet another one of Lansing`s best businesses which offers customers a world class engineering and manufacturing solutions for their homes.

Auto-owner Insurance Group
It is Lansing business of tradition and dedication, meant to provide you with the best life insurance, long-term care and disability income that you are able to get.