Who would not want a cozy bed and a savory food service after exhausting traveling hours or maybe a nice and relaxing time outside the house?! Also, if you are someone who is looking for the perfect business places where you can organize and attend meetings or a conferences, these hotels are your mach made in heaven. All located in the area of Michigan`s capital, Lansing, these hotels offer visitors only the best possible hotel services when it comes to clean space, fresh, mouthwatering food and fun activities for those who love to be entertained. Indeed, these hotel accommodations provide something for everyone`s convenience.
Down below we made a list of the best hotels in Lansing. They should be really on your hotel-bucket list when looking for a good quality hotel accommodation in this area. Here, there is something for everyone`s taste, a romantic getaway, productive business stay or maybe a family-friendly or a pet-friendly housing. Take a look at the top ten best hotels in Lansing MI and pick your favorite one.
Hampton InnJust a few miles from the Michigen State Capital is the Hampton Inn hotel where every service you`ll get is high-quality. It doesn`t matter if you are visiting for business or you are just looking for some relax time, this is a place where you`ll always get one of the best hotel accommodations in Lansing. Also, this modern, top-rated hotel, gives you free breakfast buffet every day. You will remember those fresh, hearty-baked waffles forever and you will fall in love with their pool because it is the finest in the area. More importantly, will be amazed at how friendly the service at this hotel can be, unlike anywhere else you`ve been before.
East Lansing Marriot at University PlaceLuxurious and refined stay is what you`ll get if you ever get to visit the East Lansing Marriott at University Place hotel. Settled in the heart of East Lansing, this spacious accommodation offers one of the nicest hosting services that you can get there. Your appetite will appreciate this place a lot and so will your thirst when you`ll get to the evening cocktails. It is especially good for corporate business meetings and conferences. In addition, there is a spacious indoor pool and a well-equipped fitness center where you can loosen up and relax.
TownePlace SuitesIf you are looking for a place where you can discover the warmest and most welcoming atmosphere in Lansing, you must check out this hotel. It is the TownePlace Suites East Lansing, located near all Lansing popular attractions, featuring 100% comfortable service and accommodation 24/7. The hotel is recently renovated with fancy looking suites, allowing guests to have the time of their lives while staying there. Depending on the taste, there is a fitness center, fireplace and a barbeque grill. Pay a visit in one of the most remarkable, home-like hotels in Lansing area.

Residence Inn When choosing this hotel everything will be just a few minutes away from you. Settled in East Lansing, the Residence Inn East Lansing hotel features a fancy restaurant, spacious indoor pool and one of the best free buffet breakfast in town. The hotel also has an electric car charging station, well-equipped fitness center and is pet-friendly.
Country Inn and Suites by CarlsonThis hotel is the right place to de-stress, swim and soak in the pool, read books from the free library or maybe a workout in their fitness center. The Country Inn and Suites by Carlson is by far one of the most welcoming hotels in Lansing area which offers families and individuals to stretch their budget, making them feel royal meanwhile. In addition, the hotel feeds guests with the most delicious food in town and provides them with an unforgettable service of 24 hours.
Candlewood SuitesWhen it comes to this hotel, there is no shortage of the things you can do in the Lansing area. It is situated on the campus of the Michigan State University and due to its convenient location plus comfortable accommodation, it attracts many visitors. There a long list of things that these hotels offer and some signature amenities that allow guests to enjoy each time they come to this place. The hotel features access to numerous outdoor pool activities, fancy dining, spa services and also golfing.
Staybridge SuitesWhy don`t you let loose and get comfortable at one of the best hotels in Lansing?! It is the Staybridge Suites Lansing-Okemos and offers elegant residential-style accommodations, conveniently settled near lots of amusing sports events and performances. Last but not least, this hotel provides a complimentary fitness center that anyone would love to be delighted to workout.



Crown PlazaSituated in West Lansing, the Crown Plaza hotel is among the top rated Lansing accommodations for the past 10 years. The hotel offers all of the essentials that ensure a pleasurable stay for guests with all kinds of tastes and preferences. Apart from the exquisite food and comfy beds, this hotel has an award-winning service, 24-hour activity center with well-equipped fitness gear, indoor pool and game area.
Gatehouse SuitesAt the Gatehouse Suites hotel, you can really have the time of your life when it comes to hotel accommodation. Located in East Lansing, this place provides visitors enjoyable housing and fresh meals and quiet atmosphere for a good night sleep. In terms of business meeting locations, this hotel has one of the highest rates in the area. Last but not least, it has adequate business-related services, granting visitors with the most productive ambiance for communication and learning.

Radisson HotelAre you ready to forget all bad hotel experiences that you`ve been through so far?! Just pay a visit at the Radisson Hotel in Lansing and take a break from all of your stress and negativity. One of this hotel`s perks is that it offers free airport shuffle. Apart from that, the hotel provides visitors suites and rooms with plush beds, breathtaking views and energizing meals. It is the place for you to unwind both mentally and physically.



It seems that all of us long for a fine dining place whenever we go out and look for a restaurant. For most people, it is the aperitive cuisine that is a crucial factor that decides which restaurant is the best option in town to go to. For others, in addition to good food, an important factor is the atmosphere that the restaurant has. Either way, a good restaurant would contain both elements and would never fail to disappoint guests at any occasion. It has to be subtlety, high-quality and provide good service performance to please guests from all around the world.

Gladly, in Lansing, MI you can definitely find such restaurants. We selected only the top ten best dining places in this town, promising nothing less than the best crisp tablecloths, fancy, pleasant music in the background and a variety of freshly cooked meals that everyone would love to try out. In addition, the details are very important. It goes from music to light, to how the walls look like, to decorations and so on. Reviews not just from the regular customers, but also from those who visited these restaurants for the first time, claim that they should definitely be visited once you visit the capital of Michigan, Lansing.

This restaurant is so good that it is even situated in 4 different locations up till now. Its quality lasts for more than a decade and has been awarded for multiple times due to the super fast and fresh Chinese food it serves. This restaurant`s menu has a variety of Chinese based meals. All types of dishes here are mouthwatering and the most wanted are the Szechuan Beef, the Garlic Chicken and Beef with Broccoli. Every day, this restaurant has something special to offer. The ingredients are always fresh and who would not love that. Bring your empty stomach at this place and you`ll see what we are talking about.

This restaurant provides a full dining experience and builds relationships that last forever. Noone can deny the good quality that this restaurant offers as well as the many versatile and authentic dishes. You must try their Chicken Shawarma dish as the most distinguished one. For all of those vegan lovers out there, this place will be your food sanctuary because here you can find extensive, gluten-free vegan menu made of fresh, raw ingredients. Visit Zaytoon restaurant and meet the best healthy alternative to fast-food meals in Lansing.

Choupli Wood Fired Kabob
For years, this restaurant works under the motto `Your trust is our top concern`. Even though this is just a statement, this dining place really operates under the above said. It has earned the trust of many people around the world who fell in love with their tender beef, juicy chicken, and spicy lamb. Indeed, this restaurant provides guests with numerous, full flavor dishes that cannot be forgotten. In addition, the personnel is kind and gives samples of anything you want to try out. You can not pass up their tahini sauce served with pickled radish, cucumbers, lettuce and pomegranate seeds.

If you are looking for the best comfort food in the area of Lansing, this is a must-visit restaurant. Every day, this restaurant escalates the Lansing food culture and balances between good prices and your budget. In fact, this restaurant serves the most delicious pork sandwich in town. Also, there are lots of tasty salads and vegan-friendly sandwiches. You will not regret a visit here.

If this restaurant can get more than five stars than that should be the case. Bringing the Southern-style cuisine in Lansing, the Jumbeaux restaurant offers an authentic way of southern cooking and has all classic cajun creole dishes. Whenever you decide to dine here, you`ll get the best hospitality experience of your life. The food they serve comes from recipes that are passed down from one generation to another and the dishes are always unique. Truly, this restaurant takes great pride in cooking and that you`ll have to see by yourself.

Saddleback BBQ
Settled in the heart of REO Town, Lansing, MI, this restaurant specializes in a most unique barbeque taste not just in Lansing, but also in America. This restaurant`s staff is an expert in smoked meats, giving guests flavorful, savory and fall-off-the-bone goodness. The food here is above what you would expect and lives up to the hype at all times. It is definitely well worth the visit.

The Cosmos Wood-Fired Pizza
If you ask yourselves why the Italians would be jealous of this restaurant, the answer is simple. Because it has a mind-blowing pizza, scorched in a wood-fired oven. But, that is just the beginning because this place also serves the best wine in town, along with the best hand-crafted desserts, arcade tables, salads, cocktails and more. Words mean nothing if you do not come and try out some of the meals this fine dining offers.

Naing Myanmar
This family-friendly restaurant has the best Thai, Burmese and Malaysian based cuisine in Lansing. We recommend every single meal and drink from this restaurant`s menu because it really offers something different yet flavorful. Some of the must-tries include the Pickled Tea Leaf Salad, the Thai Larb Salad, the Garlic Chicken with Rice and the Thim Yum soup. Once you visit this restaurant, it is a guarantee that you`ll fall in love with this type of food.

Poke Lab
If you want to explore new, yet good restaurants in the area of Lansing, you have to check out the Poke Lab restaurant. This place offers lots of unique dishes among which the sushi meal stands as the most authentic one. Actually, there is a concept of build-your-own sushi bowl that allows guests to pick the sushi flavor according to their taste. Here, you will always satisfy your fish cravings and even more. For those with a sweet tooth, the desserts are to die for. Unlike anywhere else in town, here you can build-your-own dessert bowl and find the most tasteful bingsoo, mochi, and milk foam tea. It is a must try dining location in Lansing.

Good Truckin` Diner
This restaurant is certainly a hidden gem in REO Town when it comes to some good food intake. With a kitchen-like decor and the most friendly service in Lansing, this place offers guests with affordable yet best quality food. The most recommended meals here are the burrito, french toast, and flapjacks. Check it out and your please your appetite the best way possible.


Are you excited to start a new business in Lansing, MI?! Perhaps you got an idea about how to start it off, or maybe you are just enthusiastic with you being an entrerpreneur. Either way, you must know that entrepreneurship takes lots of time, hard work, and devotion to pass all the obstacles on the rocky way to success. Gladly, the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce has acted as a community partner who helps employers and local businesses grow for more than 110 years. They have provided many Lansing`s businesses with proper business education and networking opportunities that support economic growth and integrity and that is not only within the area of Lansing and Michigan, but also on a global level.

Below, we have listed the current top 20 businesses in Lansing, MI. Hopefully, they will inspire you to start something on your own on the long run. Check their websites for more info and find out about what they claim to give you as a potential customer.

Sparrow Health System
This health-related company is specially designed to improve the health of people by offering them nothing but best quality health ervices and compassinate care to everyone.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Located in East Lansing, Five Guys Burgers and Fries is known to be one of Lansing`s best businesses which offers nothing but the best hamburger concepts. It is not just because of its food but also because of the unique work environment where every member including management is trained to work every position in the restaurant.

Neogen Corporation
The Neogen Corporation is s Lansing-based business leader in Food Safety products and solutions. It was repeatedly named to Forbes Magazine`s list of the 200 best small companies in America. Very ambitious right?!

517 Executives
Also located in Lansing, 517 Executives is a marketing business which always responses to client`s demands for more direct marketing strategy. It has developed a unique training program that is specially designed to create leaders in the marketing and promotions industries.

West Rock
West Rock is also one of the best Lansing`s businesses. It exists to provide you with all the differentiated paper and packing solution, helping customers to win the marketplace. The company has more than 45.000 team members that support customers worldwide from more than 300 business locations.

Scepter Marketing
Scepter Marketing is one of Lansing`s best online businesses today. It is a recent success story which offers professional WordPress services for small businessses and agencies. They also offer a variety of other services such as digital marketing and web design/development.

Biggby Coffee
This Lansing business is actually a franchised coffee company created by founders Bob and Mike who decided to provide you with the best coffee shops along with the best quality of coffee drinks.

Advantage solutions
It was built in 1987, with a perspective of creating a national sales and marketing agency which is focused on customized solutions and services that are related to sales and marketing strategies.

The Kaplan company offers different preparation courses in over 30 countries and it is mostly indulged into providing online education for undergraduates and graduates. It also provides you with professional degrees.

Two Men and a Truck
This company started from a simple hand-written logo, an advertisement in a local paper and eventually turned into more than a just a local Lansing business. Now, it is one of the best Lansing`s businesses with more than 30 years of experience and offers home and business relocation and packing services.

Healthcare Solutions Team
The Healthcare Solutions Team will solve all healthcare related issues because they are the best medical insurance advocates you can get in the area. Passionate and optimistic, this company will set you with affordable health care that is accessible for everyone.

Insomnia Cookies
Insomnina Cookies was founded in 2003, in a college dorm by a student named Seth Berkowitx. Located in East Lancing, the business is fast-growing and provides you with one of the best warm deliveries of delicious cookies.

Packham Inc.
It is a nonprofit rehabilitation organization which provides human services. It is known to value good quality, diversity and performance. The mission of this business is to give a range of chances that would maximize human potential for people who are striving for independence.

DTN Management
DTN Management is a one of the best property management businesses in Lansing. It provides Michigan State University students with affordable apartment prices in and out Lansing and actually, it is the perfect place to find student housing.

Gillespie Group
Gillespie Group is a another one of Lansing`s top businesses today. It is an innovative company that specializes in creative urban development and restoring communities by motivating people to invest in their communities. They believe that every strong commitment can bring for a better Michigan.

Jackson National Life
This Lansing-based business gives you a company that is truly committed to your financial future. They offer a great specter of products that have been designed to help customers accomplish their dreams and goals.

Dean Transportation
The Dean Transportation is one of the best transportation businesses in Lansing, MI and prides on a good transportation and a happy customer. They offer different types of transport services such as school buses, trailways, black cars, transit and management services.

Demmer Corporation
Demmer Corporation is yet another one of Lansing`s best businesses which offers customers a world class engineering and manufacturing solutions for their homes.

Auto-owner Insurance Group
It is Lansing business of tradition and dedication, meant to provide you with the best life insurance, long-term care and disability income that you are able to get.